Having A Real Conversation

I talk a lot on the show about how important honest dialogue, when talking with someone you disagree with. It's an important virtue that not many hold. If you really want to understand someone or their arguments, arguing on the internet with memes and insults is not the way to go. In the vide below … Continue reading Having A Real Conversation


5 Great Liberty Podcasts

I wasn't always a podcasting philosopher king. Once I was just a humble libertarian podcast listener. What were the shows that inspired me? What are my favorite shows? What podcasts provide high quality entertainment, information, and discussion? Besides Liberty Valiance, here is a list of 5 of my personal favorite shows. 1. The Jason Stapleton … Continue reading 5 Great Liberty Podcasts

Zach’s Liberty Reading Recommendations

Once you've been red pilled and decide to go down the libertarian rabbit hole and want to learn as much as you can, it can get a little overwhelming. There is tons of great literature on libertarian principles, and there is also some not so great stuff. "I'm new to libertarianism, what books should I … Continue reading Zach’s Liberty Reading Recommendations

It’s always someone else’s fault

I've noticed a lot of disturbing trends in America vernacular lately. Have you ever noticed how little people take responsibility for their situation? Instead of recognizing the problem and fixing it, people often pass the blame on to someone else. "I'm poor and can't get a job, because society hates me." "My parents were drug … Continue reading It’s always someone else’s fault