5 Great Liberty Podcasts

I wasn’t always a podcasting philosopher king. Once I was just a humble libertarian podcast listener. What were the shows that inspired me? What are my favorite shows? What podcasts provide high quality entertainment, information, and discussion? Besides Liberty Valiance, here is a list of 5 of my personal favorite shows.

1. The Jason Stapleton Program

Easily one of the most popular libertarian shows, and with good reason. Jason does five one hour shows a week. He breaks down the politics and economics you need to know and tries to explain the day to day threats and benefits to your liberty. This is one of two shows that led to the creation of my show. Find him here.

2. We Are Libertarians

WAL brings you all the irreverence modern politics deserves by examining current events with a libertarian perspective. Now branching out to two shows a week (Tuesday/Thursday) Dear Leader Chris Spangle, Greg Lenz and a slew of other co-hosts do a magnificent job of diving deep into current events while also being able to make you wet yourself from laughter. #BuildTheWAL check them out here.
3. Lions of Liberty

This is a variety show, there is something for everyone with this show. They put out three unique shows every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Monday show hosted by Marc Clair is interview show that has featured interviews with heavy weights in the liberty movement like Ron Paul, Walter Block and Larry Sharpe. The Wednesday show “Electric Liberty Land” is similar to Liberty Valiance. Host Brian McWilliams talks about the week’s biggest stories and gives side splitting commentary and the occasional rant. Then on Friday John Odermatt hosts “Felony Friday” a weekly look into the broken criminal justice system. Easily one of the most important shows out there. Find all three shows here.
4. The LAVA Flow

Rodger Paxton some how finds really important stories that affect our liberty that no one seems to be talking about and gives engaging commentary. He channels the flow of information to the Libertarian, Anarcho Capitalist, Voluntarist, and Agorist communities. If you fit into any of those groups or want more information about them, definitely check this show out I promise you won’t be disappointed. Find him here.
5. The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad

America’s only Rock n’ Roll libertarian podcast. Need I say more? Johnny Rocket Adams, Kurt Nelson, and Heather Nixon bring weekly interviews with noteworthy politicians, experts and activists within the liberty community. It’s fun and fast paced and the guests are always interesting. Find them here.


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