Using Facebook to spread Liberty

Arguing/debating on Facebook is almost pointless. No one argues to learn something or to hear new ideas (the whole point of a debate in the first place). Instead people chose to sling insults or argue to prove a point and sort of force someone to change their opinion. Chances are you’ve been on both ends, I know I have. As hard as it is for conservatives and progressives to have discussions with each other on Facebook, it’s even harder for libertarians to talk to either group. We are right 100% of the time on 90% of all politically related topics. We have a strong sense of the truth. We’re woke, red pilled, and we want others to be too. Calling people statists or screaming taxation is theft will not create libertarians.

I began this piece by saying”debating on Facebook is almost pointless.” Almost is the key word. If you want to give it meaning there is a few things you have to learn. Rational discussion and the ability to find common ground are the best tools to start winning you’re Facebook friends over. In the last few months I have had to Facebook debates with friends, both ended with us agreeing to disagree, but respecting the others opinions. Both of these friends noted that they appreciated my willingness to calmly discuss these differences. How was I able to pull this off? Asking questions laced with a small dose of humility.

 As libertarians we are smarter than our Facebook friends when it comes to politics, but that doesn’t mean we know everything. Admitting this to yourself is important. At one point during my discussions I wasn’t entirely clear of the point and position my friend was trying to take so I simply said, “I’m not sure if I understand where you are going?” To often I see people either ignore someone’s comment, or misrepresent their argument. I have a strong feeling that most of the time this is because they don’t understand where someone is coming from. This leads to a break down in communication. Be patient, kind and understanding. You’d be surprised the progress you make. I would also not bother with people who just want to insult you.

Winning liberty is a game of inches. It starts with a meme with a libertarian principle, a small conversation about high taxes, the poor spending decisions of your local government etc. If you want to use Facebook to encourage your friends to find libertarianism start small and as their interest grows go bigger. As I said above debating on Facebook is almost pointless, but it can work in your favor if you are in the right mindset, and have the right debate partner. Have good cheer my friends and know that I believe in you. The future of our movement is in our hands. Let’s make America free again, one inch at a time.


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