The Trump Dimension

There’s a fifth dimension, one whose boundaries are that of American paranoia. It lies in the pit of the progressive left’s fears, and at the summit of libertarian knowledge. It is the Trump dimension. In an episode a few weeks ago I mentioned in passing how President Trump has received far more vitriolic hate then both Bush and Obama. I arrived at this conclusion when Joe Rogan mentioned it on his podcast. At first, it’s easy to brush it off as an exaggeration, but if dig a little deeper into that thought you’ll find that it’s true. A large portion of this country has Donald Trump. He has received death threats, threats on his family, and his administration. To be honest Obama had similar threats made on him, but it is dishonest to say that they plagued him as long as they have plagued Trump. Obama supporters were never threatened and beaten at his rallies either.

The Trump hate extends beyond the White House. I would challenge you to go to any discussion thread on any social media and say something even remotely close to defending Trump, or in favor of Trump, watch what happens. Such is the Trump dimension. It’s almost as if we have created a separate dimension, where a country that prides itself in togetherness, has allowed itself to become so divided over a guy who is barely literate, and says a lot of mean things. As a nation we have had far worse men in office, men who were actually racist, homophobic, bigoted sex offenders. What I don’t understand is, what makes Trump worse than those guys. If you were to argue that his policies are worse, that might be a good argument, but if all you do is scream until you’re blue in the face, how can you hope to be taken seriously.

A few weeks ago I saw a post from a news outlet from my hometown, asking if Donald Trump has furthered the divide in America. As you can imagine in a state that went uncontested for Hillary Clinton, the answer was yes. My answer was that we have divided ourselves. Rather than talk to one another, or find common ground, or simply ignore our political differences. It’s really a shame, when families can be spilt, and refuse to speak over something so arbitrary as a leader who will be in office a mere 4 years, though I suspect more because of our behavior as a country. The truth is, that the people who are scared of Trump aren’t scared of Trump, they’re scared of the power he now wields. Power that was accumulated by a guy you liked. 

As a country we have divided ourselves, and though Lincoln is part of why our presidents have more power than they should, he was right when he said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We’ve created a culture in which our leader wakes up every morning and knows that he will be crucified by a majority of the major news networks, his staff probably resents him, most of the people in D.C., both elected officials and not, hate his guts. I’m not the biggest fan of The President either, but I wouldn’t wish that kind of hate on my worst enemy. This is the Trump dimension.


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