It’s always someone else’s fault

I’ve noticed a lot of disturbing trends in America vernacular lately. Have you ever noticed how little people take responsibility for their situation? Instead of recognizing the problem and fixing it, people often pass the blame on to someone else. “I’m poor and can’t get a job, because society hates me.” “My parents were drug addicts and didn’t encourage me to go to school and now I can’t find work”. “My boss is a jerk and makes me work to many hours and I never have time for my family”. “I can’t find good health insurance because of Obama care”. “I won’t have health insurance because the Republicans want to kick me off of my parents insurance”. “Donald Trump is dividing our country”.

The list is endless. The solution to all of the above problems can be boiled down to the individual. Poverty is absolutely a mindset. All of us have at one point been literally penniless, but few of us have been poor in spirit. If you stop blaming your situation on everyone else, your life will change. The argument that you can’t find a job is invalid. There are more than enough jobs to go around, they just aren’t your preferred job. Trade jobs, construction work and other blue collar industries need workers. The harsh reality they face is that there isn’t enough supply to meet demand. This leads to what is referred to as the skills gap, it’s a topic for a later article. These fields need workers, and you need money, seems to me like a fair trade, and by the way, due to the lack of workers wages in these fields are high. If your parents didn’t believe in you, so what? At the end of the day you only have to answer to one person and that’s you. You have to believe in yourself. It’s corny, but it’s true. If you work to many hours and your home life is suffering it’s time to find a new job. If your health care sucks, don’t vote for Democrats, if you won’t get coverage under Republicans, find your own coverage. If you think Donald Trump is dividing the country, then change your rhetoric. Talk about healing the country, talk about unity. Don’t blame the other side, work with them.

To sum it up briefly, if you aren’t happy with your life, you messed up. You made a wrong turn somewhere. You fix this by looking at yourself. It’s hard, it’s scary, you won’t like what you see, but it’s necessary. It’s how you grow as a person. How do I know all this? I did it myself. I was working at a mom and pop pizza restaurant in my hometown when I had this epiphany. A few years into my work there I realized I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t living the life I wanted. I wanted to be musician, so I decided to go where musicians go, Nashville. 

For the remaining years I buckled down and pushed through a job I had begun to hate. I raised the required funds to live in Tennessee for a year without having to find another job. Now I’m living the life I wanted to live. I read, I play video games, I podcast, but most importantly, I perform music several nights a week, and struck up friendships with several other musicians. I’m living the life few 22 year olds live, because I decided to make a change. I’m smart enough to know my money won’t last, and I’ll face more difficult decisions down the road. I’ll have to decide if I want to stay here in Nashville, or go back home. I’ll be welcomed at either place with open arms, so it will be the second hardest, or the hardest decision I’ll have to make. The thing is, I am wholly responsible for whatever happens to me, whatever decision I chose to make. Nobody forced me to move here, no one is kicking me out. The point is I wasn’t happy, and I made a choice to be happy. I live in a great city, with great talent. The question is what’s stopping you from being happy? I guarantee it’s you.


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