Don’t surrender your thoughts to the state

In the wake of Charlottesville the conversation of free speech and hate speech has been brought up. At this point if you listened to the latest episode of the show you know where I stand. I am a free speech absolutist. You have the right to think or believe whatever you want. No matter who abhorrent, racist or bigoted it is. You’re right to freedom of speech ends when you start attacking people. I support free speech across the board. For racist bigoted Alt-Right neo Nazis and for the racist bigoted BLM and Antifa. I do this not because I agree with these groups, in fact libertarians and conservatives are diametrically opposed to their ideologies, but because I want to protect and support my free speech.

Right now the first amendment is under attack. You’ve heard it said before thousands of times, I have too. It has taken me until just recently to fully understand how accurate that is. It is more than just conservatives complaining on the internet as a reaction to political correctness. The SJW movement has pushed to remove certain words from American vernacular, and in some cases have succeeded. Now they are making a move on your thoughts. Take for example the doxing of Kyle Quinn at the University of Arkansas. The Twitter account “Yes, you are racist” began posting pictures of people from Charlottesville and encouraged followers to find and oust these people. A photo of a man who looks like Quinn was published and people called the University of Arkansas and pressured them to fire Quinn. Quinn and his family received death threats and were harassed. He had to leave his home for fear of his safety. The scariest thing about this is, he was not the man in the photo. The whole reason all of this happening is because people have different ideologies than what is accepted. Different ideas, beliefs and worldviews. Some of these views are horrible, but that doesn’t justify ruining someone’s life.

Violence is not a protected right. Thoughts, speech, and ideas are. The reason I want to protect this is because, if you give the state any ground, any of your basic freedoms, they will come for more. You’ve given them permission to do so. Thought police do exist outside of Orwell’s books. Your right to free speech is perhaps your most important right. Once you surrender your mind to the state, you’ve stopped being free. Once you surrender your mind it’s over. You will actually see what real tyranny looks like. What authoritarianism really looks like. Free speech cannot and should not be legislated. SJWS and well intentioned progressives are opening a door they can’t close. Do not surrender your mind to the state.


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