5 of the worst U.S. Presidents

When you’re a politics nerd you often see conversations about our nation’s past presidents. Who were the best who were the worst. Sometimes the conversations don’t involve examination of their policies, but more how those involved in the discussion feel about him personally. For this week’s piece I’ve decided to give you just five of the worst presidents we have has in my opinion. I judged them based off their policies, their leadership, and whatever scandals they had and how they reacted to them. I feel that there is no way to make a list like this objectively, so bare in mind I will look at these men through my libertarian lense.

5. Barack Obama

Fresh in everyone’s mind is our most recent president, whom I almost didn’t include. But if you think about the fact that he ran on ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but ended up ramping up the conflict, continued mass surveillance of U.S. citizens, sold weapons to drug cartels, passed an industry crushing healthcare bill, used the oval office to protect his friends, outsourced the economic crisis of his early presidency to the eggheads that likely caused it, told us to give up some of our liberty for a little security, leveled Syria with drone strikes, and expanded executive power, you can see why he belongs on the list.

4. Woodrow Wilson

The 1913 Federal Reserve act saw the implementation central banking in America. Nearly every financial collapse or crisis we’ve had as a country can be traced back to The Fed. It controls our money and what it is worth. If that wasn’t bad enough he passed the 16th amendment which gave the government the right to take our money by force.

3. Richard Nixon

Does the term, “Drug War” mean anything to you? This guy started a decades long “war” that has wrongfully imprisoned many and reaked havoc on poor communities. Then there is Watergate. He may not have authorized the break in, but he sure covered it up, leading to a plummet in trust of the whitehouse.

2. George W. Bush

Weapons of mass destruction. Down with Sadam. Illegally starting a war that would last 2 decades. Oil. Starting mass surveillance. Expansion of executive power. No child left behind. Dick Cheney. Also outsourcing his economic decisions to people who likely aided in the 2009 crash. That is only the tip of the iceberg for this man.

1. Franklin D. Roosevelt
For years I used to think this man was one of the greats, then I peered pass the lies taught to me by the public school system. If you examine the platforms of FDR, and Hitler you will see some very striking similarities, and no, I’m not kidding. Where to start with this guy? How about prolonging the Great Depression? Or maybe starting social security that would be a thorn in the side of all future presidents? How about interning the Japanese? Further intrusion of the federal government into our lives? Or perhaps the giant blow of introducing the fraudulent economics of John Maynard Keynes to government? The list is long and frightening, but don’t take my word for it, I strongly recommend you look into his administration.

Those are my picks. There are easily many who could have made this list. I would suggest that you read into all these administrations and the look at the White House today. Many of the problems we see are traceable to each of these men. John Adams once said upon moving into the White House, “May none but wise and honest men live here”. That is certainly no longer the case.


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