Petersen GOP transcript (from episode 37)

For this week’s column I thought it would be cool to share a transcript of most of what I said about Austin Petersen’s senate run from the latest episode of the show. I would also like to mention that while I am a fan of AP I will not endorse him or any candidate on the show or on the website. That being said enjoy my rant.

Austin Petersen Announced his run for senate on Tuesday. Now if you have been following Austin for awhile this shouldn’t be shocking, or breaking news. He said he might run after his presidential bid ended. He said he wouldn’t ever run for president again, but he would consider a run for the senate. This prompted several of his followers To encourage him to run as a Republican and increase his chances of winning.

I say it so much on this show that it is even starting to annoy me, but we need pro liberty candidates to take over our government so they can get it our of our lives and leave us alone. Good people of Missouri this is your chance! This decision isn’t without consequences. Many in the Libertarian Party are extremely pissed about this move. Many even hate him. They say that he presents a more watered-down version of libertarianism, or that he isn’t really  a libertarian, that he’s just a conservatarian, which is a libertarian leaning conservative that isn’t quite ready to embrace the libertarian title.

I have to be transparent with you audience; I love the guy. I am a big fan Austin, I AM A FREEDOM NINJA! I am very sad I didn’t get to go to his farm in Missouri and hangout with the other ninjas and Austin on the 4th. So all this to say, I don’t exactly understand the blow back and why the partisan group of libertarians are upset with this move. I happen to think Austin Petersen, even though I don’t always agree with all his stances, particularly on borders, is very libertarian. Let’s look at where he stands. He is pro second amendment, so much so that he supports constitutional carry, he is pro constitution, which limits severely the power of government and as whole is a very libertarian document. he is pro free speech all around, he is pro nullification, pro free market, anti-fed, pro life because he is pro liberty, he believes the government has the duty to protect life. I’ve missed a bunch of things, but that’s the basic gestalt.

So why do party members hate him? Because he is jumping the fence. He’s joining the other team. He’s joining the very thing libertarians are trying to destroy. He is joining the two party system. He is chaining himself to a sinking ship, or furthering the rule of a party that doesn’t care about freedom. While a strongly disagree with LP members on this, I see the issue. Maybe I misspoke earlier, I guess I do get it.

I want to see an end to the duopoly as well, but where I differ from the LP is that I don’t want to see the duopoly replaced by a triopoly or just another party. I don’t want any party in control I want people in control, individuals. Men and women who stand on principle, and don’t cater to special interests. I get turned off by the disconnect that LP members have to this kind of stuff. Shouldn’t it be about principles, not party? Many of them in the national party hate partisanship whether it’s left or right, so why be so partisan now? LP members tend to react with hostility towards non partisan libertarians like myself, because we won’t join the party, and that is seen as supporting the broken system, as supporting tyranny. I have had this personally happen to me on multiple occasions, it’s one of the reasons why I can’t, and honestly don’t see myself joining the party in the near future. I don’t feel welcomed. I don’t feel like the principles of liberty matter to them.That winning at any cost is the only thing They care about.

Nicholas Sarwark tweeted on Tuesday, “I say the same thing to all people who leave the national party, good luck in your future endeavors” and then below that tweet was a gif from, I forget what movie that said,”It’s a bold strategy, and I hope it works out for him”. Partisan libertarians don’t like to see people run in a party that will actually win. And for the life of me I can’t understand why? Ron Paul ran as a Republican for congress and won, he nearly won the nomination of the party for president for Pete’s sake! His presidential runs are why most of us are libertarians in the first place. I would argue that’s why most people age 22-40 who are libertarians are libertarians because of Ron Paul, and he did it as a Republican. He has even gone against the party on key votes, Austin will do the same. Austin Petersen sounds like one of the founding fathers. Both of these guys have good understanding of the constitution.

So my message to the LP folks is this, please get your heads out of your asses! TAKE A WIN FOR LIBERTY WHEN YOU SEE ONE! Know that yes, it is from a party you see as the enemy, but know that there are people inside the party that are every bit as libertarian as you or me. They are dismantling the state from the inside. If you support the principles of peace, tolerance, limited government, free markets, individualism, freedom,and liberty, then you have nothing to worry about, because so does Austin! In my opinion the reason why they’re mad at Austin is because they know he has a shot at winning. The LP has terrible messaging, the nomination of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld is a clear example of this. It’s not about the principle we all love, it’s about partisan ship. Selling the party as a hybrid of the two parties when it is not. This is what disenfranchises people like me.

Hear the full show here:


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