There’s room for everyone in the liberty movement

Libertarianism is such a vast and inclusive ideology. That’s why it frustrates me to see my fellow libertarians arguing among one another saying you’re not a real libertarian if you believe “x” or you’re not a libertarian unless you believe”x”. The truth is, you can be whatever you want and be a libertarian. The only real qualifications are the belief in non violent ways of advancing you’re ideas, the belief in the individual, self ownership, and property rights. That’s it. I think a lot of people believe in those things. If we want our ideas to advance we need to be more accepting. Libertarianism is a big tent.

You can be a minarchist and be libertarian, just as you can be an anarcho capitalist and libertarian. Or an agorist, voluntarist, or any number of a thousand things. You can even be a Republican and be a libertarian. Yes there is a libertarian party, but you don’t have to be confined to any one party to be a libertarian. Ron Paul for example, ran for congress as a Republican, but his platform was full of libertarian ideas, and he advanced liberty minded legislation. His son is doing much the same. Rand may be a Republican, but his foundation is in liberty. Just like his father he has often gone against his party on certain votes. He’s not the only one either, Justin Amash, and Thomas Massie also have very strong libertarian leanings. Yet none of them belong to the party.

The liberty revolution is full of great people, with rich and wonderful ideas. Why be exclusive? Any libertarian will admit that the ultimate goal should be achieving liberty and freedom for all, so why keep people with the same goal away? Just because they are a Republican, or an anarchist, or whatever else you can imagine? Liberty should be the goal, and there are many who are tired of tyranny and want in. If you stand for liberty, I stand with you, regardless of party affiliation or strain of libertarian thought. Let’s reach out to those who desire freedom. Let’s stand together for liberty.


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