Drug War Vol 2

Recently Attorney General Jeff Sessions pushed for more mandatory minimums for drug offenses. He has once again shown how out of touch he is from a cultural standpoint, and a policy standpoint. For nearly 50 years the drug war has been reeking havoc in America’s inner cities. Disproportionately affecting minorities and the poor. Mandatory minimum sentences keep these people locked away without jobs or friends and family, it is sickening. Locking them away has done nothing to keep drugs off the street, and sometimes drugs circulate prisons. 

California Democrat Maxine Waters tried to call out Sessions by saying, “AG sessions is doing his best to keep us minorities in our place.” If that is the case then why do Democrats run the inner cities that keep these non violent offenders locked up? Surely this is a joint effort to keep the people government deems as useless from sucking up precious resources. The long war over drugs has even cost more lives than some wars overseas. Politicians fail to see that they created the violent cartels and gangs they fear the most. By criminalizing drugs they created a black market that is beyond their control, and as I understand they don’t self regulate as well as normal free markets, leading to violence.

If Sessions and the Federal and state governments want to help these people, they will decriminalize and legalize all drugs, which would basically destroy the black market over night. It would keep minorities and the poor out of jail and give them the potential to learn valuable marketable skills. We need to end mandatory minimums, and focus on criminal justice and prison reform. Those who are locked away should be rehabilitated, to learn that they have more to offer than pedaling dope. I think Maxine Waters is right (for a change) Sessions whether he recognizes it or not wants to keep minorities in their place. I know for a fact Waters doesn’t want to help these people, because then she would never get reelected. 

Look at it big picture: Republicans started the war on drugs to appease their misinformed conservative base. Continuing promises of harsher sentences for drug offenders throughout the decades has partially kept them in power. Democrats promise the families of these offenders and the poor communities of the country that they will reduce sentences and bring prosperity to these communities, thus ensuring their reelection. The entire drug war was started to fool the American people into giving this nasty duopoly more control over us. If we truly want to help our fellow man and end the drug war we need to vote people into power who recognize the damage the government has done. It starts with you in your city or town. Find the libertarian candidate on your ballot, or the liberty minded Republican who can back up his talk with action. We as individuals must take a stand.


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