Libertarians have no chill

Libertarians have no chill. This is perhaps why they constantly fail to gain traction and attention. I never actually joined the party formally, in fact I’m not a registered member of any political party, they all suck. Last week the Facebook page for the national party posted a meme with a quote from a Satanic passage. It read, “One’s own body is INVIOLABLE subject to one’s own will” (3rd fundamental tenant, the Satanic temple). This was likely a move to show how tolerant and open minded the party is and that they accept people of all faiths. However, they posted that the week of Easter, the most important holiday in the Christian faith. Not only did it understandably upset Christian libertarians, but many who are trying to cling to the party and get more people involved. Not to mention it is a bad marketing pitch, because besides independents, conservative Republicans are the group most willing to listen to the message.

To make matters worse, Nicholas Sarawak posted on his page “This is private to you Libertarian Party members, if you plan on celebrating Passover with an Exodus your doing it wrong”. I thought it was funny, but a dick move nonetheless. Moves like both Nick’s and the party’s Facebook page push people away from the party and cause in fighting. It’s the infighting that makes me think libertarians have no chill. It wasn’t that great of a meme. It was offensive, but like libertarians constantly preach, “if you get triggered by something ignore it”. Clearly we can’t practice what we preach. Personally, I think it was a mistake for the party to post that, but I’m not going to get bent out of shape about it. In all honesty you can just chalk this as one in a series of blunders the party has made.

If you want to withdraw support from the party go ahead, but if you’re a party member and for someone you know, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, don’t be the libertarian that says,”you’re probably anti-freedom, and don’t understand the party platform”. If you feel you need to support the party, do it. Small “l”libertarians don’t bash them for sticking with the party. “L” libertarians leave me alone I’m not joining. Aren’t we supposed to be tolerant? Is that not part of our philosophy? Than why the Hell can’t we just agree to disagree?! By whining about it in three paragraphs, I just proved my own point. Libertarians have no chill.


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