Business as usual in the Middle East

Syria once again heard the rumble of U.S. rockets over there war torn country. The U.S.struck an air base where there were allegedly chemical weapons. The strike killed only four people and left the base operational, which I find perplexing. I’ll give you a break down.

The facts:

-Someone in Syria bombed a civilian area with sarin gas, killing dozens.

-It is still unclear whether or not it was Assad the Syrian dictator or the U.S. backed rebels (The government may know who did it though)

-Trump at the start of his presidency stated that Syria was not a priority for his presidency. He said something similar just a few days ago.

-Trump did a 180 on his stance.

-The U.S.targeted a base and launched 59 tomahawk missiles into it

The left has returned to their anti war roots and are lambasting the Trump administration. It’s strange that even though their preferred candidate would have enacted the same policy and strikes faster and their favorite president has done almost the exact same thing, that now it’s going to far. Neocons on the right are in a state of euphoria. John McCain is most likely in a state of constant orgasm. Still, many of Trumps base are attacking him and have expressed their displeasure with his decision. Despite all the outrage a majority of Americans approved the attack. Some major world players also approve.

So let’s unpack this. Syrians killed other Syrians and now the U.S.should kill Syrians. That’s the logic at face value. Dig deeper however, and you’ll see it’s a bit more complicated than that. First, is this constitutional? No. The President has to go through Congress to perform an act of war, which this clearly was. That doesn’t mean we are at war, but very close. Second, why attack with so little information? They may or may not know if it was Assad who gased those people. Trump sent the missiles in retaliation to the attack, so maybe they know but don’t want to inform the people. If that were the case why is there so much opposition on the hill? This whole thing reeks, and when something seems fishy, it is. If there is a positive in all this it’s that in the strike the chemical weapons were destroyed, so for now the Syrian people are safe.

What about the American people? What about national security? Syria has never been a threat, Assad doesn’t have the fire power to beat us. They usually justify attacks like these as protecting U.S. interests, but besides arming the rebels we have none in Syria. They didn’t even use national security as justification. So what’s my opinion? This is all political. It has nothing to do with security or the Syrian people. The world thinks our president is a joke, and he has yet to prove himself on the national stage. It’s my opinion that the President did this as a show of force and to send the message that America won’t be bullied. All that said, the consequences are no doubt the same as always. The middle east will continue to see us as imperialistic and dangerous. It will further radicalise frustrated citizens who will seek to do us harm. This is indeed business as usual.

*this is a developing story, the information I found may not be accurate by the time you read this. Numbers may have changed and more information may come to light. I can’t possibly know everything. A significant portion of this is opinion, this is an opinion column after all. It may differ from your opinion, and that is perfectly fine.


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