Teaching a man to fish

By the title you might have assumed this is some sort of “This Old House”style advice column. This is not the case. As the old saying goes, “give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day, teach a man to fish you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” I wanted to focus on that idea or concept, one I have been practicing in my own life, and that is essentially increasing one’s human capital. What exactly is human capital? These are skills or abilities that make you valuable to a potential employer or as a citizen/human being. Things like being able to build furniture or shelter, even though you’re not a carpenter by trade. Being able to hunt, clean and prepare your kill for dinner. The list is literally endless, there are tons of free resources to help.

Why increase my human capital, I’m fine with skills I have now? That maybe true, but economies collapse, employers have to cut back. What if the free market renders you industry obsolete?  Recently I have quit my job at a local pizza restaurant, I worked there four years with three of them in management. I learned tons of food prep skills and how to escalate conflict between people. All useful skills and are extremely valuable to have when you’re as young as me (22). I realized sometime ago that was not enough to get by. I am pursuing a career in music where the odds of even minimal success are slim, so I decided to increase my human capital. I bought some podcasting equipment, found free recoding software and went to work. I have basic presentation skills and over the course of a few months I rapid progress in increasing the quality of the program my audience listens to.

I didn’t stop there. I took multiple marketing courses online for free, and learned tons of tricks to help spread the word about this show and my music. Even within music, I have functional and improvisational skills and multiple genres.I have also spent time learning about markets and how an economy works so that eventually I might begin trading. I’ve learned about the gold and silver markets and some things to look out for when trading in precious metals. I plan on expanding myself defense knowledge too. I’ve been planning on buying my first firearm, and looking at courses. I’m also toying with the idea of learning krav maga. Convinced yet? All the skills I have been practicing throughout late 2016 and early 2017 have made me an asset. I went from being able to sing and play guitar in multiple genres, to cooking tasty pizzas, to learning management, to broadcasting, to marketing, and soon defense. I’ll be able to feed an army, manage workers or my staff, sell you anything and be hard to kill.

I will ever increase my human capital until there will basically be no job I can’t fit into. I suggest you do the same. It’s how you get hired over the guy next to you. It’s how you survive in a desperate situation. It’s how you build a brand and business around something you love, and make money off of it. As Jason Stapleton of the Jason Stapleton Program says, “figure out what you love to do and then figure out how to monetize it”. For me it was music, that’s easy to monetize. I love liberty and the philosophy of free markets and limited government, I love talking about. I could pitch this program as a radio show. Possibilities are endless for me now. In other words, I’m learning to fish.


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