Is full repeal possible?

As you are no doubt aware President Trump has pulled the Obamacare lite bill from the voting block due to the fact that it would not and could not get enough votes to pass. Many of us in the liberty movement rejoiced at this fact! Rand Paul and the liberty caucus succeeded! To add to the jubilation the liberty caucus endorsed Rand Paul’s bill. However, the question remains will Obamacare ever be repealed? Trump made it very clear if there was no vote on the replacement bill he would leave Obamacare in place. So as it stands we are back at square one. I think it is good this bill didn’t pass, as I have said many times on the show. Obamacare lite is actually more expensive in the long run than Obamacare. So it was a win for liberty overall. There is still the unfortunate reality that Obamacare is still our current health insurance legislation.

To answer the question in the title of this piece; no I don’t personally think Obamacare repeal is possible any more. Here’s why, the GOP knew that this was their big chance, and they hit the ground running on new legislation, the problem was that they confused politics with principle, and placed the former over the latter. Now the President has pulled it from the voting block. Soon the people with get used to Obamacare, and when a change is introduced, public support of whatever new legislation is introduced will drop. The GOP with the fear of losing their offices and favoring politics over principle will leave the current legislation in place. I know it’s not very optimistic, and not what libertarians want to hear right now, but it is reality as I see. Look at all the entitlement programs that we have ever had, which is basically what the ACA is. They have all been threatened by repeal, and yet they remain. That is the reality we now face. The small window for repeal is closing, and the GOP has shown where their priorities lie. I can only hope I am wrong. We’ll no doubt find out soon.


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