Why mainstream media is fading

The incident last week with Rachel Madow was another chip in the crumbling structure of mainstream media. We are now 3 months into Donald Trump’s presidency, and the “Trump Hysteria” and “Trump derangement syndrome” haven’t slowed down once. Every week in late night talk shows, morning talk shows or podcasts hots and their guests highlight the absurdities in Trump’s presidency, sometimes they have to really reach for them, sometimes Trump hands these things to them on a sliver platter. The point is is that now the shtick is getting old, people want news and witty commentary, and they’ll take it where they can get it. It’s been nearly a decade now of people complaining about the media’s inherent left wing bias, few people ever did anything about it. Some embraced this bias as a new status quo, some went elsewhere for news. Fast forward to today and online talk shows and podcast have numbers that MSNBC could only dream of.

Alex Jones, who in some people’s opinions is completely insane gets 80 million hits between, radio, YouTube, and podcasts. That’s more than CNN! One of my favorite shows, the Jason Stapleton Program is closing the gap on 100,000 downloads a day. Even the Young Turks who are the most liberal knuckleheads on the internet are nipping at the heals of mainstream media. Why? Because media has dropped the ball. Between the wiki leaks showing collusion between media and government, and their constant misinformation and false leads they’ve managed to alienate even the most die hard media fans. CNN on a nightly basis reports nothing of relevance, Fox news just apologizes for the GOP. MSNBC turns every breath or sentence the President makes into a conspiracy about Russians. Meanwhile, people with shows on the internet with laptops and no journalism degrees report high profile stories without a strong bias. It is my opinion that people want more news and less “fake news”. Actual news with actual people about actual events. The mainstream media as demonstrated by Rachel Madow’s tax incident, is not interested in facts, they are just interested in boosting their ratings so Alex Jones and his wild theories don’t continue to mop the floor with them.


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