Is the Michael Flynn leak a big deal?

No. The Michael Flynn resignation is not a big deal. This story should have never been leaked to the press. You see, it was in fact his JOB to talk to foreign countries, he’s a national security adviser, especially when our country is changing administrations. The question then remains, why did Flynn lie? The President and Vice President both know what his job is and what he was doing and who he was talking to. So why is this big deal? Flynn was actually talking about certain sanctions on Russia WITH Russia. When he briefed the Vice President, he left out the conversation about sanctions out. When it was found out that he had talked about sanctions, he lied. Trump naturally asked for his resignation. If you lie to a superior about sensitive information, you should be fired. Flynn goofed up. His goof in no way impacts national security. So why then is this being treated as it is?

Certain news organizations reported misleading information and false accusations that Flynn shared inappropriate information with Russia. This is not the case. In fact the FBI is not charging him with anything. Don’t you think that if sensitive information was shared he would be charged? There is this false narrative that Trump is a puppet of Russia, and we just don’t have the information to make that call. I wish it didn’t take people illegally leaking this kind of information about what our Government does. Transparency is important to our republican-democracy. The media needs to stop circulating misinformation and make sure they have all the facts. They need to stop overanalyzing and overblowing everything the Trump administration does. If they don’t they might actually miss something crucial, or when something big does happen people will be tired of mainstream media. That’s scary. The best we as people can do is maintain a healthy skepticism and peruse to the best of our ability all the information.


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