Do we need the DOE?

Do we need a Federal Department of Education? No. “But what about the children this is the future?” This is the common response any libertarian will hear when calling for the end of a useless department. How do you think we educated kids before 1979? The states. Specifically the individuals who worked together to help educate their children without the help of the state or the Fed’s.

The chart above shows the rising amount spent on education and hiring staff and the scores of some basic subjects. The DOE has done zero for our kids and blew holes in the pockets of taxpayers. There is a lot of hate swirling around Betsy Devos and her voucher program which would provide parents with a tax credit they can use to send their child to any school they wish. With less kids in the public school system it is easier and more cost-effective to educate the ones who remain. 

If we allow competition in the education markets we’ll see a rise in score and a decrease in unnecessary spending. If we eliminate the department of education and let the states deal with public schooling teachers can receive better pay and work with smaller class sizes.Fortunately,Thomas Massie, A Republican from Kentuckey drafted a bill to end this unconstitutional department. We can only hope that Republicans return to their anti DOE roots and pass this bill. It has already received some support from Michigan Republican Justin Amash. Let all who has ears let him hear.


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