The Man in The High Castle

I’ve been binge watching the Amazon series “The Man in The High Castle”. The show takes place in an alternate world where the axis powers won WWII. The split between the Japanese controlled west coast and the Nazi controlled east coast. The show takes place in 1962, where an infamous “Man in The High Castle” makes films that show an alternate universe where the allies won the war. In a world where Jews, the elderly, and this disabled are executed because they are a drag on the state. The Constitution no longer exists. The ideas of freedom and liberty and individual liberty, no longer exist. You exist to serve the state you exist to serve the fuhrer.

An argument could be made that the U.S. is heading towards a similar fate. With things like the patriot act blatantly violates the 4th amendment, or the TSA and their random searches violating the 4th amendment. With institutions like the EPA who enter someone’s property and fine them for developing that land, and their state government doesn’t represent them. We are seeing people prosecuted without due process. We are seeing liberty being flushed down the toilet, and we stand by and accept it. We’ve grown complacent.

Allow me to show you an alternate universe. In which America 2017 is prosperous. Job growth is at record highs, and poverty is just a myth. It is a country where individuals take care of one another voluntarily. Regulation in the markets are scaled back and production finally out paces consumption. U.S. citizens know the constitutional rights. Everyone, even aliens to our country are afforded the right to due process. Power within the government is balanced and checked between all three branches. States have true sovereignty, and reject unconstitutional laws passed by the federal government. Surely this is utopian society can’t exist……right? 

It can. All you have to do is stand up for yourself. Call your state representative and express concern. Write your congressman and ask him or her to craft or pass legislation that promotes liberty. Most of all know your constitutional rights and know the constitutional powers that the government has. A citizenry that is no longer complacent backed by the Constitution is what scares our leaders most. Let’s change our future. Let’s make America great again.


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