President Trump’s first day

On Friday the 45th President of the United States was sworn into office. Like he promised on the campaign trail he hit the ground running to make America great again. His first order of business was putting a freeze on all current regulation. It is unclear at the time of writing this what exactly that means. He also sat down and signed his first executive order as president which was described by Reince Priebus as,  “an executive order minimizing the economic burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act pending repeal.”(NPR)

Many in the libertarian movement have taken issue with this and see it as government overreach. If you look past the act as simply being an executive order, you’ll see that President Trump is taking the first steps towards fixing the damages the ACA has done to the insurance market. Realistically, and constitutionally, there is little the president can and should do with the insurance market. The ACA can only be repealed and replaced through the congress. This has the potential to happen, but in all likelihood will not. If we have learned anything in the last 50 years as a country, we have learned that the government is incapable of helping people. It intervenes in problems where the free market could fix itself, it tries to fix problems for the individual, where the individual could help itself.

If our new president really wishes to make America great again I would suggest he do the following, put pressure on all three branches to scale back regulation on all markets, especially the insurance market, to promote economic stability and growth. End the malicious interest rate manipulating practices of the federal reserve. Encourage a spirit of American individualism, and exceptionalism. Allow room for Secretary of Education Betsey Devos to encourage school choice either through charter schools or full privatization of the education system. It is said that most of the work in a presidents term is done in the first 100 days, we are a few days into Trumps term and he seems to be on the right track, let’s hope he continues. Given his reputation and some promises he has made, he has this libertarian podcaster skeptical of his new president.


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