Obama’s farewell

Our nation’s 44th president will leave office next Friday ushering in a new era of change. Change is what he ran his campaign on. He certainly brought change, and though many are happy with the changes he made, liberty minded people like myself are not. He has expanded the role of government in our lives and forced insurance companies to provide government subsidized insurance, effectively strangling the insurance market. Then there was the Paris climate talks, and of course the employment numbers.

In a video released over the weekend on the white house Twitter account Obama talked about his progress. He reminds us that through hard work we as a people can form a more perfect union. With the help of government force of course. I disagree with the president. Sure we the people need to strive for perfection, but as individuals not as a collective. It is up to us and our values as small government liberty minded individuals to let our leaders know what kinds of policies work for our freedoms and what doesn’t. We often forget that our government is uniquely designed to protect our individual freedoms. Our government also seems to forget this and we need relearn this lesson as a country and as individuals if we are ever to achieve that perfect union.


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