Liberty Valiance-10 Aleppo and the enemies of liberty

Big news week. Aleppo is back in the news with heartbreaking images of innocent people and bombed out buildings. Should we intervene. We are already backing rebels fighting Assad. I lay down some harsh truth about middle eastern foreign policy. The FBI and the CIA have both confirmed Russia meddled in our election, but what country hasn’t messed with another country’s election? The U.S has done it dozens of times. Mr. Trump and his merry band are starting to worry me. It seems he is putting people in power who have a vested interest in oil, and they might misuse government power to protect those interests. Washington Governor Jay Inslee is a total douche bag. He is raising taxes on Carbon emissions and businesses to to cover $4.4 billion in education funding. Why not cut government salaries and pensions? Finally I talk about the 3 most dangerous enemies of liberty and how to fight back using an unlikely weapon.





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